LIEUTENANT: Self-titled: LP

Jul 14, 2011

Instead of an X-ray, this record’s the sound of a throat polyp forming a malignant mass. The constant strangulation quality to the vocals reminded me of the evil vulturey things, the Skeksis, in The Dark Crystal. Screaming. (Is it a coincidence that Dec., 1982 also saw the release of Evilive? Perhaps.) There’s-a-”you”-mentioned-all-over-this-album-and-that-person’s-a-fuckin’-asshole hardcore. For fans of Deep Sleep, Night Birds, Code 13. Effective. They haven’t invented a new broom, but they sure know how to sweep. You never really know how dirty something is until you put your back into it. Lieutenant.

 –todd (Art Of the Underground / Warm Bath / Peterwalkee; [email protected])