LIEUTENANT: Self-titled: LP

Sep 23, 2011

Imagine if the ‘88 straight-edge bands had more depth, and sang about things of merit, instead of their adherence to “the edge” and their “crew.” Though not a straight-edge band, Lieutenant definitely have that early youth crew influence. They sort of remind me of Youth Of Today, only Lieutenant aren’t a cheese fest. May be a little bit of Infest in there without being a clone band. The vocals are bellowed, a cross between Tony Erba, Ray Cappo, and Big Jim MacNaughton. The music is blazing and the guitar strips flesh off the bone from less than five paces. “Rally the Troops” is an absolute scorcher. Rapid fire delivery and intense as fuck. In fact, they really hit their stride from that song on to the end with “Do Not Remove the Tag.” I like the untitled instrumentals that close out each side as well. Changes the mood, but not the flow. This is one record you should really own. So damn good it’s not funny.

 –M.Avrg (Peterwalkee,