LICK LICK: Self-titled: CD

Mar 17, 2008

First off, I’m going to ignore this band’s stupid name. Second, I’m going to ignore the psychedelic cover that focuses in on a drawing of a head of a raccoon. (At least I think that’s a raccoon.) Third, I’m going to ignore that a member of the band looks like a cross between Ben and Jerry of ice cream fame. Fourth, I’m going to ignore that the label they’re on is called “Australian Cattle God Records.” The music itself, however, is somewhat hard to ignore, as it’s pretty quirky and weird. The initial comparison that came to me was that it sounds a lot like Mr. Bungle with female and male vocals trading off. The female vocals says “we’re quirky” and the male vocals say “we’ve still got some rock sensibility,” but the last song is so horrendous (“lick lick on your way down to hell”) as is its title (“Team Thong”) that the slim chance this had of any profitability in my eyes was swept away. I’ll be honest; I’m amazed I even made it to the last song.

 –kurt (Australian Cattle God)