Jul 03, 2009

This record is kinda weird for a couple reasons. First of all, this is appears to me to be a bootleg. It comes with a note that states, “In pressing this record we did not get permission so much as acknowledgment and the personnel involved in the recording had almost nothing to do with this record being released. Hopefully we succeeded in doing the band justice. Thanks.” So, neither the band nor the people who did the recording had anything to do with this being released? Sounds like a bootleg to me. Apparently, these guys were a hardcore band from Pennsylvania and what appears here on the record is a demo they recorded in 1998. The people in the band went on to be in a bunch of other bands I don’t give a shit about. Also, this comes with an insert detailing the expenses associated with putting this out, and justifying why it costs $7. If you wanna charge $7 for the thing, just do it. Feeling like you have to explain it to the point that you include an insert with the record giving all the details makes it seem even more iffy to me. Anyway, as far as the music goes, this is basically Hulk Smash hardcore: angry dudes playing and singing angrily about stuff. Maybe they ran out of 76ers jerseys and bandanas at the mall the day they recorded this.

 –Jeff Proctor (Square Of Opposition)