LIBYANS: “Paralyzed”/ “Keep Waiting”: One-sided 7”

Note to bands who embrace brevity: If you’re going to release a 1-sided 7” 45 (a hard sell in these tough economic times), take a cue from the Libyans and fancy up the packaging. This is a little treasure: Wax papery “wedding invitation”-grade envelope with a graphic in the emulsion, hand-numbered on the back, and the b-side of the record, all the lyrics—black silk-screened ink on black vinyl. Let’s see your MP3 do that. The music’s focused, top drawer, sharp punk with one foot squarely in the Dangerhouse catalog and the other stomping along to the likes of hard-charging Polish punks, El Banda. I squeezed my hands into balls all the way through.

 –todd (Self-released)