LIBYANS: Expired Language: LP

May 30, 2014

Libyans don’t strike me as an incidental band. Every detail reads as intentional and serving a multi-faceted whole. On the cover is a beautiful black and white photo of a jellyfish taken by bassist Aaron Demuth. Jellyfish are odd creatures. They don’t have bones, a brain, or a heart. They have an orifice that functions as both mouth and anus. Transparent earth aliens. I’m not a musician and, musically, I have no idea how Libyans are playing their instruments, but they sound like thrashing-around tentacles with electric barbs at the end. On headphones, it’s downright freaky. It’s almost like a medusa attacking in there. Throughout it all, Liz Panella’s voice conveys all-too-human distortion, urgency, and anxiety. The overall effect of Expired Language is like being tossed into a tank full of jellyfish. They don’t care about you. They can’t. It’s not in their nature. They’ll sting you as so much touch you. That’s just what they do. It’s more than just an album, it’s an experience. 

 –todd (Sorry State)