LIBYANS: Crash Course: 7”

Apr 27, 2009

I do really like the Libyans and think that Welcome to the Neighborhood is an excellent EP. They occupied the musical land between Dangerhouse (the label, not Dangerfield, the dude) and Charles Bronson (the band, not the dude), eliciting great ’77 punk chops while adding a definite power and violent crunch to their music’s bloodstream. The title track to this single, I wish I could play it at 48 or 49 instead of 45 as an experiment because it sounds more lurching, plodding, and restrained than running, leaping, and capturing. There are even a couple times when the song just sounds off. The b-side, at one-third the length of the title track, speeds the affair back up, but doesn’t quite capture the previous magic. And I want it to, so badly.

 –todd (Headcount / Too Circle / Shock To The System, [email protected])