LIBYANS: A Common Place: LP

Nov 16, 2010

This is my first exposure to this band which I have read are from the Boston area. Not dissatisfied from the initial sounds that came out of my speakers. It’s a mid-tempo to fast punk rock sound with grit, due to the live feel of the production. The band also adds a post punk feel to their sound while maintaining a lot of melody. The guitar tone is not overly distorted, which gives it a kind of a twang and wavy sound. The bass guitar has a flat tone to it, but is pulled up in the mix. It provides the drive to the songs. The female vocals are delivered with force but sung with a distinctive tone and the lyrics are easily heard. Drums are bright and the snare pierces through like bullets. I have been stuck on the last track, titled “Paralyzed.” It’s a hard rocker with an infectious and catchy chorus. That has been the one on repeat. Definitely feeling this release. If I had to make a comparison, I would say that this band sounds to me like a mixture of Signal Lost, Retching Red, and The Estranged melded into one entity. Hope more output is in the horizon. Would like to hear the growth of this band.

 –don (Sorry State)