LIBYAN HIT SQUAD: Death Metal in Jerusalem: CD

Nov 21, 2006

Well, the listener can only surmise what a bunch of dudes from Orlando, Florida have to say about Libyan death squads, death metal in Jerusalem or anything else, as there’s nothing included here besides an uninformative, ego-stroking one-sheet and a business card. What I mean is, there’s no lyrics, right? You can make out little vocal blips on the radar every once in a while: “She’s an evil bitch,” “I was a straight edge punk,” “I laugh at your theory and your moral values,” etc. But that’s about it. So from a purely sonic standpoint, I’d have to say that these guys are coming across as a third-tier Black Flag. There’s a few bright moments where it sounds remarkably like Ginn and Dukowski dueling it out in the practice space, and the way they’ve structured the songs, with lots of short, repetitive vocal sections, makes parts of this sound remarkably like a band souping up to do a My War-era Black Flag set for Halloween or something. I was over it pretty quickly.

 –keith (Bony Orbit)