LHS / ROUND EYE: Full Circle: Split: CD

May 08, 2013

LHS, AKA Libyan Hit Squad come out of their corner swinging on this aural curiosity. Playing a blend of thick, angular, jazz-tinged punk that reminds me at times of a blend of James Plotkin’s pre-Khanate band Old and, oddly enough, the Big Boys with maybe a sprinkle of the Minutemen on top. Greg Ginn is featured on the title track, which seemed rather random until I heard it. His playing is actually right at home on the disc. Perhaps even more curious are the tracks from Round Eye. These tracks have a strange ‘50s-type vibe and prominently feature a saxophone, which generally isn’t a good sign of punk things to come in my book. I was happily wrong. This stuff is just all over the place enough to make it work. All in all, this is a real cool split. Probably my biggest complaint is the label on the cover that mars the otherwise awesome cover art. Pointing out that Greg Ginn is featured on one track just smells sort of cheap. Truth be told, both bands are strong enough to stand on their own without that sort of marketing.

 –Garrett Barnwell (Ripping)