LEWD, THE: Self-titled: 7” EP

Oct 29, 2001

Yeah, that San Francisco Lewd, who first released the Kill Yourself 7” single in 1979 on Scratched Records. “Dressed in Black” is mid-tempo and drags along. “Roughouse” (a Loudmouths cover) picks up the tempo, and is OK. The standout track is “Mobile Home,” a song I made the mistake and thought was a Turbonegro cover. (A couple months after I initially wrote this review, Bob Clic of The Lewd informed me that Turbonegro covered the Lewd's song - "Mobile Home." I thought it was a Denim Demon original, but closer inspection on "Asscobra" affirmed that I muffed it. Again, my bad.) That song exhibits the Lewd I remember the most fondly – dirty, snotty, driven, barely able to play, but as catchy and debilitating as tetanus. It's cool to see that a track written quite awhile ago retains a healthy dose of vitality and stands the tests of both time and interpretation. The physical vinyl looks delicious. Split milky white/ cherry Jolly Rancher. Yum.

 –todd (702)