LEVIATHAN: Self-titled: CDEP

Jul 16, 2009

I got $6.25 that says Leviathan’s singer tried out for the Misfits. His vocal devices are bad cartoons of Glenn’s own goof, and he has this sickening thing where he leads into a "b" sound with an "m" sound, as in: “I like to sing, sing about mmblood.” The songs are about nothing AND they’re stupid. Also, the guitar player is one of those ones who thinks he’s a good guitar player because he spent the extra hundred bucks to get the one with the wang bar and he learned how to make it go “woo woo, waauw! Weeeeeuw werrrrw!”, and the whole mix has some kind of problem where the instruments never really sound like they were recorded at the same time (I’ve had the same thing happen to bands I was in, and I always put it down to inexperienced producers). It’s funny, though, if you go to their website and look at the “photos” section, the press shoot of June 2002 sports some classics in unintentional self-ridicule.

 –doug (The Judas Cradle Productions)