LET’S DANCE: Summer Breeze: 7”EP

Oct 02, 2008

The packaging is flabbergastingly exorbitant. Poker chip-thick, clear vinyl with red and blue translucent blobs inside. 3D cover art. 3D, glossy record sleeve, poster, and record labels, folded-up, looks-like-a-newspaper insert, a pair of monogrammed 3D glasses, and a sticker. Fuckin’ hell. How do you not lose money on this if you charge less than ten dollars? The music, unfortunately, doesn’t live up the packaging. It’s standard pub rock / street punk—half-hearted chants, an ehh snotty snarl, predictable guitars, and a basic drummer. The singer adopts an English accent when they cover the Sex Pistols’ “Bodies.” Gimme Beltones. Gimme Wednesday Night Heroes. Gimme the first couple of U.S. Bombs records. Gimme the Bodies. Gimme GC5. Let’s Dance just lacks any sort of spark for them to live up to the bands on their T-shirts. Sorry.

 –todd (Longshot)