LET’S DANCE: Calling All Cars: 7” EP

Mar 05, 2010

Although i gotta give ‘em points for bringing back my favorite punk rock 7” format—the “Nervous Breakdown” single-song A-side and triple-song B-side—i got to say that this is the least “Let’s Dance”-y sounding Let’s Dance i could imagine without making bizarre leaps of improbable fancy involving heavily plumaged Brazilian Oi showgirl bands recreating Busby Berkeley musicals on mounds of sacrificed goat corpses ((which might, come to think of it, sound at least tangentially “Let’s Dance”-y at that)). I mean, it’s basically a bunch of fast punk bellyaching about the cops and shit…there’s a little organ at the beginning of “Out On Top,” but Chris Montezishness this, in large part, ain’t. The “hit”—4:17 worth of single song A-side—is “Calling All Cars,” which starts with an intriguing, almost “Six Pack”-esque slowly accelerating build up, replete with police sirens. It’s pretty fuckin’ cool for the first minute, really, until the proceedings proceed for such duration as to lead the listener to speculate as to the likelihood of “Calling All Cars” being a ((gasp!)) four-minute plus punk instrumental. Somewhere around the 1:50 mark, the vocals actually and finally kick in; alas, the verbal juice—the roundly unbrilliant “THEY’RE CALLING CARS! THEY’RE CALLING CARS! THEY’RE CALLING ALL CARS”—ain’t really worth the squeeze at this point, so the last two-thirds of the song really never has a chance to live up to the bold promise extended by the first third ((note clever Neal Cassady reference)). Generally, it kinda sounds like the Methadones taking remote mental control of Rites of Spring’s bodies or something…i don’t necessarily dislike it but this band leaves me more interested in spot varnishing than dancing at this point. BEST SONG: “Calling All Cars” ((well, at least the first part)) BEST SONG TITLE: “X-Ray Eyes” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: My favorite thing to yell before the break in the song “Let’s Dance” is “Okay, Web-head!”

 –norb (No Front Teeth)