Nov 22, 2009

Like Rocket from the Crypt’s The State of Art Is on Fire, the two sides are played at different speeds. Both bands play pop punk, though more in the Exploding Hearts vein of things than the Jawbreaker/Fifteen school that seems to have taken over in recent years. Let’s Dance gets the 45 RPM side, which is sneering, snotty, and veers towards garage rock territory. I thought I liked it until I flipped it over to the Avenue Rose side (33 RPM), whose side is definitely cleaner and more polished, but is ultimately more memorable, despite ill-advised sappy breakdowns on the second track, “In Motion.” There’s nothing particularly mind blowing here, but it is still an enjoyable listen and indicative of nice things to come from both bands. The seven inch comes on white and yellow vinyl.

 –Jeff Proctor (Provincial State)