LETHAL OVERDOSE: Unfinished Business: LP

Hard not to get behind this story. Dude from Collision Course Records comes upon a Lethal Overdose cassette some twenty-five years ago, loves it for easy reasons, and rather than let it disintegrate after a dozen moves or have it fall into the hands of some careless sibling who he’s maybe already losing to the radio, the guy re-releases these seventeen songs on vinyl. Unfinished Business is it, an unrelenting collection of Australian thrashy hardcore that hews more to melodic coherence over growling brutality. The rhythm and vocal pacing makes me think early Dischord or SST, as the opening track “Against the Grain” has the manifesto feel and pacing of an Australian take on the anthemic “Minor Threat,” but Lethal Overdose is wholly bizarre in its own way. “Don’t Vote for Judges” shifts from song into some sort of geometric noise machine where singers Dicko and Dave trade shouts of “no judges” until the lyrics give up and become sounds, and seconds later—zoom—more whirring hardcore goodness of “City Limits.” The easy first place for this season’s record time capsule contest—no itchiness, bumps, or lumps and it comes in milky-yellow vinyl with red and black splashes, a speckled beauty. 

 –Jim Joyce (Collision Course)