LET IT BURN: Hello Good Friend: CDEP

Jun 23, 2009

Hell yeah. Match hardcore power (break out the chainsaw guitars and anaconda-thick bass), a sixth sense for harmony (it’s catchy as fuck), and front it with singer who can belt it loud and clear (no Cookie Monster or mush mouthing) and you’ve got me not only buying your next record but seeking the back catalog. Be able to zap out a Bowie cover of “Holding On” without tipping the pansy-o-meter, and you’ve got yourself a fan. Let It Burn are along the lines of current excellent melodic hardcore that’s being belted out on the East Coast by Go! For The Throat, and The Curse. To put an interesting twist, however, the instrumentation seems to be right out of OrangeCounty. I hear bright, loud Crowd guitar, Smogtown galloping tempos, and Smut Peddler-type drumming. Curious. This EP’s a six-song collection of comp tracks, dropped balls, and imports. I just wish they would have kept the Rolling Stones cover as a joke that never burned into plastic. That track alone saves it from the wholesale praise I was willing to heap on it.

 –todd (Alone)