LET DOWN: Self-titled: LP

Rippin’ hardcore punk from ze’ East Coast that recalls Tear It Up, Cut The Shit, and the Rites. It’s fast and speedy, but not blinding thrash. The energy is manic with a frantic vocalist growling and yelling about being confused and persecuted by various stations of authority. Not to mention swipes at drugs, religion, and the usual suspects. Angsty angsty! The A-side collects their Sacrifice Me and Crossed Off EPs, while the B-side is a demo from 2004 and 2005. While the whole record is strong, I find the demo material has a higher energy level, and there’s more urgency and a slight sense of recklessness that’s not entirely there on the more polished recordings. You may like the A-side better. I don’t know. It’s all good. We all have our preferences, pal!

 –M.Avrg (Coalition, www.coalition-records.com)