LES JOLIS: Action Paint Me!: LP

Mar 23, 2012

The French have a good track record of producing bands who crank out punk that straddles the garage spectrum, or bands that crank out garage that straddles the punk spectrum. It’s up to you, the listener, to decide. The sound is straight ahead and essentially primal. No frills, no tech solos, just 1-2-3-4- go! This reminds me of the Irritones, only with a more poppy style, and a little reserved. I like how you can hear the bass in all the songs and it never gets buried when everything and everyone else come in. It’s what gives these songs the thrust they need. For the most part, these songs are mid tempo and go for more a (somewhat) bratty swagger than slash and burn. Songs like the opener, “Lost Boys,” and “Sickness” stand out for their speedier side, and the urgency they gain as a result.

 –M.Avrg (Scanner, [email protected])

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