LES CARNETS RASTAPOULOS # 8: free, photocopied, 7” x 8”, 14 pgs.

Jan 15, 2013

This issue is about the Canadian author’s childhood and his impassioned pen pal hobby. It’s a short, interesting look at the joy of corresponding with kids from all over the world through letter-writing in the ‘80s. He talks about writing kids from Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Denmark, East Germany, and a whole bunch of other places. He says, “We all wrote each other about our fears, our hope, of the mundane lives ordinary people experienced in our own parts of the world...Without knowing it all of us were contradicting the massive propaganda machines our governments put in place to demonize the other during the Cold War Era.” Wow, pen pals, it all seems so archaic, to think kids could even be that cosmopolitan. I doubt they are now with the small and unchallenging worlds that Facebook and Google craft for them. This issue is only the first part of a project. In the next issue he’s going to re-write all his old pen pals to see if he can find out where they’re at and what kind of lives they’ve had. Both issues are free if you get in contact with the author. (It is also written in English. Don’t let the French title throw you off). –Craven Rock (Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos, 2-7 Larch St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada KIR 6W4)