LES CARNETS de RASTOPOPOULOS #2: $?, 9”x 12”, photocopied, 16 pgs.

The best part of punk rock, maybe even better than the music itself, is making friends all over the world. I loved having my zine reviewed in MRR and Flipside because I knew I’d get letters from people from places I had never heard of. My introduction to Norway was a band called Bannlyst, who sent me their 7” record for review—the tentacles of punk rock spanned the globe. Similarly, the author of Les Carnets had a stable of pen pals from twenty-five years ago, and in this issue (and the previous one), he describes the process of finding the people he corresponded with, and in some cases, what they are doing now. This is an interesting concept, however, I’d like to get more in-depth writing on some of the more interesting people rather than a brief overview. –Steve Hart (Les Carnets de Rastopopoulos, 2-7 Larch St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, KIR6W4)