Jan 19, 2016

This German band pretty much nails the whole “emo violence” thing. It’s full of the heart-on-your-sleeve, DIY, love-thy-neighbor attitude that the scene developed as “screamo” became a more acceptable term. There are the obligatory pull-backs where the guitars go clean and play those arpeggios that exist solely in this style of music. There’s a focus on the “epic,” there are His Hero Is Gone-style breaks and inverted chords galore. The liner notes champion pretty safe politics, punctuated with statements like “Emotions can’t be bad!” I explain all of this because I need you to understand that this record is a genre piece and offers absolutely no stylistic progression in the genre it settles into. You are not hearing the next Orchid, Funeral Diner, or Circle Takes The Square. That being said, for fans of the genre, this is a great addition to the style. The recording is clear, and the bass-heavy mix was a good choice as it makes it easier to hear the structures of the songs. If this record hadn’t shown up in my review pile and I had seen this band live, I would buy this record and definitely recommend it to friends of mine that are still riding the scream wave.

 –Ian Wise (Deadwood)