LENIENTS, THE: Rock, Paper, Scissors: CD-R

May 21, 2010

Despite our country’s current sad state of affairs and influence across the globe, at least our music still manages to impact musicians around the world. These Fins, The Lenients, bring some mighty U.S. bands to the table while carving out their very own sound for this record. I can definitely hear the, Off With Their Heads influence in terms of vocals and major key punk riffs. The Lenients trademark is their ability to write great guitar hooks. Their first track, “Still Burnin’,” starts the album out with a damn catchy hook and they don’t fall short on them anywhere throughout these thirteen tunes. Keep in mind this is a CD-R and the production doesn’t sound professional, but this is an album worth getting because there is not a bad song on the CD.

 –N.L. Dewart (Lenients)