LENGUAS LARGAS: Self-titled: 12”

Nov 18, 2011

I actually thought this record consisted of all new songs, but it doesn’t, which is kind of a bummer as I can’t seem to get my fill of these guys. The new stuff sounds a lot more ambient with parts that definitely show shades of Tristeza and The Velvet underground. I was recently fortunate enough to catch them live and they are currently touring with four guitarists and three drummers. No bassist. I’m still amazed at how a small room with forty people in it can ascend to a different realm through punk music. I love that there are still bands out there taking punk to different places and kids that love to smoke weed and listen to live albums by The Who and Grand Funk Railroad.

 –Rene Navarro (Tic Tac Totally, tictactotally.com / Recess, recessrecords.com)