LENGUAS LARGAS: Self-titled: 12”

Nov 15, 2011

Lenguas Largas is a band that, firstly, should be seen to be believed. Four guitars, two drummers. Brothers and old friends, made up of some of the best dudes from the best bands over the last ten years (and more). All of those things coalesce into what is the most daring and inventive band in punk right now. The guitars weave in and out, creating an expansive, vibrant tapestry of sound, which is pierced by Isaac’s soulful yowl and then punctuated by the two drummers pounding away in unison. Spacey and lazy daydreams here; frenetic and harried bursts of rock and roll shrapnel there; a low and slow burning ragout that comes to a boil, opening up hidden flavors and fragrances. Amazing is a superlative that I often find overused, as well as often used incorrectly, but in this instance there is no better way to describe the greatness that is Lenguas Largas.

 –Jeff Proctor (Tic Tac Totally / Recess)