LENGUAS LARGAS: Lonely Summertime b/w Are You Scared?: 7”

Sep 07, 2010

It won’t be the first time where I’m belly up to the all-you-can-eat buffet of eating my own words. Lenguas Largas occupy the kinder sonic climes of what’s become “indie rock.” It’s a form of music I’ve come to associate—through more than ample exposure—with designer tags, secret shows, douchebags, future expensive baby strollers, current attempts at irony, and is shooting for the Juno soundtrack (of the mind). Lenguas Largas is a bunch of dirty DIY dudes playing stony, pleasant, intricate music that builds tension then releases. It’s subtle, yet pleasant; thick, swirling, and as fingering as white smoke exhaled deeply from a pipe. The vocals are reminiscent of the Smashing Pumpkins without the ick. Mellower than the first 7”, but I like it.

 –todd (Dirt Cult)