LENGUAS LARGAS: Ese Culito: 1-sided 12”

Jul 26, 2013

I’m not a fan of the Beach Boys. Vocal harmonizing, doo wop, and wood-paneled pop doesn’t do much for me and not sure why aficionados get all teary over the drugged-out, fall-apart vocal layering of Pet Sounds. However… I love the first Los Lobos LP and all the visions it stirs (backyard parties, day drunk, sunshine, and a feeling of wonder, of everything being just a little out of place but oh-so-right). Lenguas Largas falls somewhere into those visions, perfect for a Sunday morning sunshine mimosa porch sit or pre-gaming your Friday night show-going adventure. Multi-layered desert psych that will expand your mind, spinning it alone or perfect backyard fiesta platter… dying to see this troupe live.

 –Matt Seward (Volar)