LENGUAS LARGAS: Come On In: Cassette

Lenguas Largas play sexy music. The kind that is unafraid to admit, “I’ve been thinking with the wrong head.” The freak in me comes out in full bloom whenever their sensuous melodies drip out of my speakers and into my ears. In my car I feel my gluteus maximus begin to twitch then involuntarily undulate to the hypnotic rhythms. It takes only moments before I begin to brazenly head bang, singing sloppy Spanish in an awkward falsetto. Genre? Good vibes. They multiply the weirdness of Shark Pants and Swing Ding Amigos tenfold into a kaleidoscopic hallucination. The vocals confidently croon while the guitars wail Space Age art rock. The blankets of reverb will warm any icy disposition. I heard that these folks electrify the room with their performances, filling the stage with several guitarists and multiple drummers. It’s remarkable that Lenguas Largas are able to circumnavigate the too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen dilemma and simply belt out soulfully. If they’re half as spellbinding live as they are recorded, then I imagine that they leave the whole room possessed. 

 –Sean Arenas (Burger / Recess)