Nov 21, 2014

My first time hearing Lenguas Largas was live at Awesome Fest a couple of years ago. It was pretty amazing and I was pretty wasted. I picked up their self-titled record a while later and just couldn’t wrap my head around it no matter how hard I tried. Something about it just kind of put me off. My wife Elise, on the other hand, became obsessed with the record. It was out of this obsession that I decided to order a copy of their new LP for her. I am sure glad I did, because it is so fucking great! Whatever I was missing on the last record suddenly clicked for me on this one. It is so weird, yet so endearing. It makes me feel like doing hallucinogens in the desert (in a good way). Layers upon layers of seemingly unrelated sounds coming together to lustily mess with my eardrums in not entirely appropriate ways. I can’t get enough. I’m going back to take another crack at that other album. 

 –ty (Recess)

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