LEMURIA: The Distance Is So Big: LP

Sep 19, 2013

Power pop is pretty well documented and familiar enough (quick guitar jangles, The Knack, etc…), but what about “powerful pop”? What if the Brill Building were actually a punk squat? You probably know if you are a Lemuria fan by now, but I feel sad for you if you’re not. Songs and lyrics that can make you bounce or move you to tears, all while wearing their punk rock hearts squarely on their sleeves. The J. Robbins treatment makes the magic happen and takes The Distance Is So Big to another level. The instruments and vocals have all the breathing room they need while maintaining the figurative orchestral power of everything you would imagine “powerful pop” to be. Hell… they made a chorus out of “Oahu, Hawaii”…who does that and wins? Lemuria.

 –Matt Seward (Bridge Nine, bridge9.com)