LEMURIA: Get Better: LP

Mar 17, 2008

Hot damn, what a band! After a coupla great singles and a fantastic side of a split LP, the debut full length from Buffalo’s finest is finally here. This band is such a perfect mixture of pop/punk and good indie that it blows my mind. When I say good indie, I am talking about Spinanes, Velocity Girl, Go Sailor, and The Lemonheads. Simple, basic, warm pop songs for a crisp autumn afternoon is what I am saying. The boy/girl trade-off vocals are to die for and the songs are just unbelievable. After seeing them live I was blown away and have been waiting impatiently for this LP to come out. Now that it is in my hands I can not stop playing it. It is very easy to keep flipping it over and over. Lemuria knock it out of the park here with huge hooks, great production, and real heart. Pop songwriting simply does not get any better than this.

 –frame (Asian Man)