Sep 23, 2011

Lemuria: The cute-o-meter is pegged, the needle blipping into outright preciousness at times. But instead of developing musical diabetes or knitting a sweater for a posi-hug take on the world, I believe in Lemuria’s earnestness. And their two songs are catchy. Somewhere between The Unlovables, Defiance, OH, and Full Of Fancy? (My sweet-voiced, almost indie-pop collection isn’t vast.) Cheap Girls: I lived in one apartment for five years. Shit carpet. Fibers everywhere. When I moved and removed the clock in the living room, where a pin on the back touched the wall, it formed this elegant, intricate shadow of dust on the wall. The Cheap Girls songs smoke and smolder and get into everything around them. Cumulative effect. They dissipate and cloud, slowly staining everything they touch. That’s power and grace. Nice split. Good-surprised.

 –todd (No Idea)