LEMONS, THE: Hello, We’re the Lemons: Cassette

It’s a little disarming to listen to a tape which sounds so earnest and cute, but, here are The Lemons. Fans of Guided By Voices will be stoked, as The Lemons adhere to GBV’s all killer, no filler formula, cutting things like bridges and verses out of the equation in favor of big hooks. And not just hooks, mind you, but the kind sung with soaring harmonies akin to the Mamas And The Papas and/or the Association. The recording here is lo-fi, which adds to the overall effect, like stumbling on a box of old singles at a yard sale and taking them home to discover they’ve been played almost (but not quite) to death by loving fans over the years. All that in something like fifteen minutes, which means, of course, that you’ll listen to this one again and again and again. 

 –Michael T. Fournier (Burger)