Dec 14, 2005

The backup artist is of interest here: Chuck Treese, former pro skateboarder and leader of '80s punk rock band McRad. I knew he did a stint in the Bad Brains, but I did not know he also played in the Roots and Urge Overkill. On this recording he does just about everything: wrote the music, arranged, performed and produced. That is a lot of hats. The backup musicians are not half bad, either. Singer Leiana pulls in the lyrics and vocal performance. The mixture is ambient and atmospheric in nature, but Chuck Treese's love of the Bad Brains comes out more often than not on the heavier tracks. The arrangements are interesting and intriguing with their play on emotions and texture. At moments it reminds me of what Garbage has been doing. Pretty cool.

 –don (no address)

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