This is a good example of a split release done right. Legion from Birmingham, AL (members of Die Young and Coliseum) and Mammoth Grinder from Austin, TX (members of Hatred Surge) both play heavy, fast hardcore music in similar styles, but each are strong enough to hold their own on their respective sides. Legion follow up their debut 7”, Saviour, with two brand new tracks of intense, stop-and-start hardcore with great dual guitar arrangements—as well as killer bass lines throughout—with a strong Integrity influence. The vocals are absolutely livid. Mammoth Grinder are a little more straight forward but still have a lot of range and remind me of an American Cripple Bastards. They have a new album coming out soon on Relapse and tons of tours, so watch out! –Ian Wise

 –guest (Nuclear Solution, nuclearsolution.blogspot.com)