LEGION / FINGERS CROSSED: Sign of the Southern Cross: 7”

May 18, 2010

This is Legion’s second split release in just a couple of months, and these tracks are from the same session of their split with Mammoth Grinder. The production is the same, but the mastering on this slab of wax sounds a little burlier than their last release. The tracks are still heavy on the Integrity influence, but have a little more range on the slower, sludgy parts. Some of it sounds like Iron Monkey and some of it has more of a Southern edge like old Buzzov-en. The lyrics on this release are top notch, especially on the opener “No Faith.” Fingers Crossed are a little less interesting but sound a lot like old Dark Empire Records/Clevo style hardcore. “Pressing Matters” has a pretty awesome breakdown midway through the song that is a good turn from their straightforward metalcore style, and gets a little moshy towards the end. Solid release from two southern bands.

 –guest (Dead End, myspace.com/deadendrecordsjc)