LEGHOUNDS, THE: Self-titled: CD

Jan 29, 2009

There are things that simply make my quality of life better and I take steps never to take them for granted. Beer (cold preferred, concussion optional). Wrestling (without commercials). In-home plumbing and electricity. Sex (no pets). Rock'n'roll (that, uhm, rocks). The occasional pork chop. It sounds like a pat statement and it's in one of the official documents of American-dom – but stuff like the Leghounds is part of the pursuit of happiness. That's what they provide. Good, old-fashioned, non-ass, Devil Dogs-spawned, Teengenerate-whipped, Jam-weaned, Motards-soaked, rock'n'roll. Definitely nothing less. Fine, fine stuff. The album, in its entirety, is presented here both in mono and stereo. They recorded three simultaneous records. The other two will be available presently.

 –todd (Bulge)