Sep 17, 2015

Opener “Best Friend” reminds me of Shang-A-Lang’s “Summertime.” Both distill a moment so perfectly that I’m gifted a sunny disposition every time either song begins. Legendary Wings harness nostalgia without a hint of irony or cynicism: “It’s just a beautiful day with my best friend.” Do You See? is comprised of ten (brief) songs of lo-fi poppy punk (think North Trolls and M.O.T.O.) with enough aching sincerity to fend off saccharine sickness. Legendary Wings sink in their talons and carry you to a wonderful, impermanent place rich with fleeting melodies and choruses. I’m going to shelf this one right next to Shang-A-Lang’sSad Magic

 –Sean Arenas (Dirtnap, dirtnaprecs.com)

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