LEFTY LOOSIE: Lefty Loosie’s First Tape: Cassette

Aug 22, 2006

Another reviewable I was handed at The Fest, though I didn’t even remember getting it until the next morning when I was asked if I still had it. Again, luck of the draw—I managed to lose my cell phone, but I had the tape. And I’m glad I didn’t lose this. It’s hard for me to listen to a tape. I’m not that nostalgic for cassettes as a format, I hate not being able to skip tracks, but more than that, my walkman just broke. But through all this (I know you, dear reader, were concerned) I did make it to listen to this. Multiple times, actually. As the soundtrack to a few friends over for drinks it’s great: female-fronted, folky stuff with a bit of bite. When I listen to it by myself, though, I still like it, but I find myself focusing on the vocals, which tread too closely (and sometimes over) the out-of-tune line. I have a feeling that it’s something that I won’t mind, and may even find endearing after getting a bit more used to it—which is exactly what I plan on doing.

 –megan (Lefty Loosie)