LEFTOVERS: This Time Tomorrow: CD

Mar 28, 2016

This might be harsher criticism than Leftovers deserve to shoulder alone, but I can’t listen to any more of this style of pop punk. I’m certain that nine out of ten bands I see in promo photos asking for votes to get them a spot on Warped Tour sound exactly like this. “Party Fucker” is basically a Blink-182 tribute song that drags on about two minutes too long and is about getting beat up by tall dudes after trying to kiss their girlfriends. The entire last verse turns out to be a dick joke. Really struggling to find anything remotely interesting in this, except the knowledge that this kind of music sounds exactly the same in Italy as it does here. Album of the month for drunk boys looking for new creepy pickup lines to use on girls at parties. 

 –Indiana Laub (Morning Wood, morningwoodrecords.com)