LEFTOVERS, THE: Steppin: 7” EP

Mar 23, 2007

The Rally Records website offers a testimonial, written by Larry Livermore, that raves about the Leftovers live act, complete with references to the MC5 and the Who. The good news: we’re spared clumsy Sun Ra covers and dopey rock opera. The bad news: we’re also left without the “holy shit!” explosiveness that I believe Mr. Livermore was referring to. What did make it to wax on Steppin’ on My Heart is mostly garden variety pop punk, the sort of “my girl hurt me” Ramones-core that once flooded the Lookout offices. It’s not awful– I’ve come to like the title track—but it hardly merits breaking the glass on your emergency supply of kneepads. –Mike Faloon

 –guest (Rally)