LEFTOVER CRACK: Rock the 40 oz.: CD

Jul 06, 2007

I read on the internet that this band is punk rock. Young people all over the nation are proclaiming this band as true punk rock, this band being the shite! Fucking punk rock, dude! So here I am, getting ready to hear what is the godhead of all punk bands. Now let’s hear the opinion of an old fart who has clothes older than some who made these proclamations. First off, the title of this release already makes this seem moronic without even opening it. Inside the cover is an illustration boldly stating Got Crack? Okay, we get the humor. This is going to be in the mold of Guttermouth or NOFX. Hey! I see that these recordings are from back in ‘da day, 1999. Let’s pop this puppy in and what comes out. Melodicore! Hallelujah! Ska parts! I’m weak in the knees and ready to lose it in my shorts! Boy, were those kids right! Actually, I wish this was picked up by Jimmy Alvarado for review.

 –don (Bankshot)

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