LEFTOVER CRACK: Fuck World Trade: CD

Jul 10, 2007

For those who do not know, Leftover Crack is a NYC-based squatcore ska/death metal/hardcore/punk band with a lot of focused anger, formed from the ashes of Choking Victim. Here are my thoughts on their new CD: 1) Props for the bravery to have the cover art of the 9/11 attacks with Rumy, Cheney, and Bush pumping gas onto the flames. 2) Points added for lyric sheet as poster. 3) Points taken away for poster being an image framed by stencil-style slogans a la Crass and every similar band for almost thirty years now. It’s not too cliché to keep doing, just a step back for a band as innovative as LOC. 4) The first LOC album was functionally a remake of Choking Victim’s No Gods No Managers in many ways. Some expanded on concepts, some just provided a larger setlist. NGNM, in many ways, was just re-releasing of a lot of other CV songs but as well produced masterpieces instead of poorly recorded crap. Much of this album is furthering material from the first LOC album. This is not BAD per se; it’s similar to how small bands record their stuff over when they suddenly find their audience grow exponentially. 5) While I am all for the anti-Clear Channel stance, the mockery of Rancid is slightly odd—slightly, mind you—coming from a band who is playing in my town next week for a ten buck cover. 6) Any band/singer who makes a name for screaming should realize that singing might not be a good idea. 8) How the hell can LOC and World Inferno Friendship Society conspire and only create a pretty good song? That track should have blown me away! 9) “Operation M.O.V.E.” is a song that is made of smaller songs, one of which is kind of the LOC take on Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets-era Metallica—pretty damn good, although this also reminds me of why I tend to associate LOC with System of a Down. 10) While this is in many ways better than most punk out there, it shows the mixed blessing of the band’s path—on one level, decent production suits them and allows Stza to do all the crazy stuff he wants to, but this album also has many hints of toning down of both pace and anger. 11) How I long for the day when I can see a great rally against corporate interests and government corruption that isn’t mixed in with “let’s get drunk and act like idiots.”

 –rich (Alternative Tentacles)