LEFT WITH NOTHING: Wishing in Reverse: 7”

Feb 25, 2009

What the kids call hardcore these days is nothing like what we old geezers called hardcore back in our days. Hardcore in the modern age is very (and I mean VERY) metal. The down strumming of the guitars. Double bass pedaling of the drums. The extreme baritone screaming. Man, my head started banging the instant the needle dropped down on this puppy. The riffing was heavy the way I like it. I love hearing double bass drums. That adds to the heaviness factor. This Tacoma, Washington band is very metal. They reminded me of many death metal bands I have heard through the years mixed with the band Strife. Anger management compressed into tiny little grooves for your enjoyment. Features former members from Trial, if that means anything to you.

 –don (Excursion)

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