LEFT OUT: 25 Cent Serenade: CD

Sep 21, 2009

Here we have an ear-dazzlin' disc palpitatingly packed with super-distorted pop-punk joviality... upbeat, energetic, melodic, and frenetically youthful... an enthusiastically inspiring and dynamically frisky sonic noggin-thumper, for the most part. I do, however, have a couple of cantankerous complaints to voice: an overwhelming majority of the vocals tend to be too damn annoyingly whiney, verging on emo boo-hoo crybabyish bilge... the guitars furiously wail, but they're buried way deep down too low in the mix... the hippie-drippy acoustic ditty (inappropriately titled "Not An Acoustic Song") irritatingly interrupts the rapidfire flow of the rest of this captivating collection. All in all though, Left Out sonically pack one helluva walloping punch, and that's just what these tired old ears need the most...

 –guest (Plan-It-X)