Jun 20, 2007

I’m not a real big fan of live records, but this one sounds real good. The band was originally around in the ‘90s, based out of the Toronto area. The group disbanded and went on to other bands like Ruination, Haymaker, Cursed, and Chokehold. They got back together in 2004 to do a benefit. Seeing the opportunity, the event was recorded. Since I have no history of ever hearing this band before, this was a good introduction. Guessing from the time period, this type of hardcore punk was not prevalent around the world. There was a big ska, pop punk, and emo boom going on at the time. So a band like this would most likely be short lived due to the small support group at the time. But I don’t know the reason on their breakup. I do know that this record shows that I really missed something. The band was one mean mother to reckon with. The songs are fast and heavy, with vocals screamed at damaging levels. If you have heard the output of the bands they went on to, you can hear what they carried with them.

 –don (Deranged)

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