LEFT FOR DEAD: Devoid of Everything: LP

May 08, 2013

Seems like every fucker is on the reissue/reform train right now—before we know it bands who broke up last week will reform this week. Left For Dead were a band from Ontario, Canada who pumped out a few discs in the late ‘90s and, in many ways, were indicative of a sound that has really stood the test of time. Taking cues from Clevo hammerheads Integrity and bands like No Comment or Spazz, they brought brutal, fast, acerbic hardcore that just fucking throttled you. While most of the ‘90s can rot in hell as far as I’m concerned, I really got into some of the Canuck knuckle-draggers like these cats, Chokehold, and Haymaker (no surprise LFD had members of both). This disc is a worthy purchase as it holds all those tricky little 7”s and splits in one tidy place, but also has a full remastered overhaul from the original tapes that makes all the tracks sound like a fucking steamroller. If you didn’t know this shit was more than fifteen years old, you could slide them in as new band and no fucker would be any the wiser. I’m stoked as a motherfucker on this reissue. Wonder what the reformation gigs were like? The line-up looked insane with bands like Despise You and Lack Of Interest. Oooof.

 –Tim Brooks (A389, [email protected])