LEER: Spring Break No Parents: LP

Nov 13, 2013

Technical punk from fertile San Jose, CA without any bombast and posturing; Leer are a genre-bending powerhouse upheld by expertise and sincerity. The group is spry, warranting envy from older musicians. (For god’s sake, singer, Brandon Holder, is seventeen.) Yet, their youth doesn’t detract, but instead highlights their exceptional abilities. From the get-go, the guitars intermingle like the caduceus. Dan Vo and Drew Satterlund serenade with the skillfulness of musicians twice their age while Francisco Duarte maintains a thick, ambling bass style that gels the high-end together. Leer intertwines the exhausting, hard-hitting qualities of screamo with optimistic pop hooks that never stumble towards parody of genre tropes—they absorb their influences and craft a sound that is their own. The shifts in style are emphasized by Elijah Stoll’s dead-on percussive rhythms. For a first LP, the songs are tightly crafted, concise, and an assault with the precision of a heat-seeking missile.

 –Sean Arenas (Phat ‘n’ Phunky, [email protected] / Lauren, [email protected] / Texas Toast DIY, [email protected], texastoastdiy.com)