May 20, 2008

Among Leatherface fans, it’s pretty much universally agreed on that Mush is their best album, and with good reason. Not only did that album find new ways to piledrive the listener with every spin, it seemed like the records that followed were much more subdued, more focused on writing songs than actively poking you in the brain. That’s not to say that they were bad, because they weren’t, and your life would be greatly enriched by owning records like Minx and Horsebox. To be perfectly honest, the first week or so that we had this, I was just glad that Leatherface was still a band and that they weren’t embarrassing themselves. After about ten listens, they got me in their musical drop toe hold and slowly pulled me under. I’m having to restrain myself from listening to it more than a couple of times a day, and all the other records that I usually listen to seem to have lost their luster. If I claimed to be anything less than totally amazed, I’d be a goddamn liar. I can’t imagine that a better record is going to come out this year. 

 –josh (BYO)

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