LEATHERFACE: Discography Part 2, Rare and Unreleased: LP

May 20, 2008

As the title would suggest, this has some hard or impossible to find Leatherface songs on it, including the amazing “Hops and Barley.” The first side of this record has early stuff from a split 7” with Wat Tyler, the Eagle 7”, and the Beerpig 7”. All great stuff. All songs that prove what an amazing band Leatherface really is. The second side has a cover of “I Can’t Help Falling,” which I think is an Elvis song, a cover of a Damned song, the piano ballad “Shipyards” (the song that I always skip when I listen to The Last CD by Leatherface, but it’s harder to skip over it on this record), an acoustic version of “In My Life” and a couple of good songs that get lost in between the last four that I mentioned. To be honest, I usually only listen to Side A of this. If you’re already a Leatherface fan, I recommend this. If you just want to check this band out and see why we praise them so highly here in Razorcake, pick up Dog Disco first. 

 –sean (Deranged)